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Name Alliance Race Class Points Likes User / Patch level
DoT DD DoT DD Nightblade Razor2608 Patch level 2.0.8
Roll to Dodge! (MagNB Tank) Roll to Dodge! (MagNB Tank) Argonian Nightblade Drag0nSin Patch level 2.7.11
nbmag nbmag Nightblade ziirax Patch level 2.7.3
NB Neu NB Neu Khajiit Nightblade Karkas Patch level 3.0.10
NightBlade Magie - Iguan NightBlade Magie - Iguan Nightblade Iguan Patch level 2.6.0
MAG NB MAG NB Dark Elf Nightblade zogboy Patch level 2.7.4
io78789ghgh io78789ghgh Nightblade Perc Patch level 2.7.11
Bogen Zwei Waffen Bogen Zwei Waffen Dark Elf Nightblade Kade6 Patch level 2.4.4
Bloodletter NS Bloodletter NS Dark Elf Nightblade Rilrae Patch level 3.0.10
Dracula build Dracula build Breton Nightblade Graiok Patch level 2.7.11
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