About the project

Thank you very much for touch the button "donation and for thinking about spending for the ESO-Skillfactory. We want to give you some informations about: The ESO-Skillfactory is a private financed project (hobby). Therefore we want to give you access to this project everytime. Naturally, we are happy about every Euro/Dollar, because this money helps us to balance the running costs and helps us to bring more extensions for the ESO-Skillfactory!

The future of our project

We want to develop this skillplanner in the future too and equip it with new features. But this will happen step by step. You can help us with suggestions, meanings or critism via our contact form. Therefore we know what you like or which ideas you have. Besides we want to give you the best handling with the ESO-Skillfactory.

Supporter Your Reward

If you give us a donation (the amount doesn't care), you'll get an entry in our donation-list and a big hug for your help! In addition to that you'll get a trophy for your profile, that marks you as supporter of the ESO-Skillfactory!

Moreover you can support us without money with your cool builds!

Donating options

PayPal Giro Transfer
If you want to donate with PayPal, just send us a message. The alternative method is a bank transfer. If you prefer that you can use the contact form to send us an e-mail for further details.

List of our Supporters

We want to thank the supporters for their donations!

Special thanks
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